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Ramie Shares

Ramie Liddle is an accidental photojournalist, worldwide social media frenzy creator and bestselling author; all in the name of protecting her mental health while caring for her elderly mother-in-law with advanced illness; on the road.


Plagued with a insatiable case of wanderlust, Ramie, her husband, Tim and their dog, Ringo are most comfortable living in a home that moves. They were modern-day nomads way before #vanlife was cool.


This relatively carefree approach to life quickly changed when her father-in-law unexpectedly fell ill and died. Two days later, his wife of 67 years was diagnosed with cancer. Faced with big decisions, the untroubled travelers suddenly became “mobile assisted-living adventurers,” taking Norma on the ride of her life!


Ramie is a sought-after keynote speaker and virtual book club guest, widely regarded for her storytelling, authenticity, and insight into caregiving and what matters at the end-of-life.

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