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"We just read your book for our book

club here in Baltimore, MD. Good friends around the table, enjoying food, wine, (beer and cake - in tribute), and conversation."


Miss Norma's Book Club

Have you discussed Driving Miss Norma  with your book club yet? We would love to hear from you. Photos would be even better!

We share our story because we learned along the way that Norma’s journey was inspiring families to talk about difficult subjects. Our greatest hope is that in some small way Norma’s odyssey will help one more family have the conversations they need to have; leading to clarity, dignity, and a sprinkle of joy at the end of life.


We have learned that our story means different things to different people. There is so much to talk about and we wish we could sit down with you and have a chat.


We have included some conversation starters here. Feel free to take them or leave them, and add your own.

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