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As we travel around the country, we find that almost every person we meet appears to have one thing in common with us.


Either they have already cared for a loved one, or they know they will soon have to answer the question, "What will we do with mom, dad, auntie (fill in the blank) now?"

Our ongoing relationship with the  Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC), intends to advocate for family caregivers by raising awareness of their issues, creating a positive image of caregiving, connecting resources to households that need it, and creating a safe space to connect with others who are right there with you.

If you are a caregiver or know someone who is, please consider joining our private Facebook page: Miss Norma's Caregiver Retreat. You will be embraced with love and a tremendous understanding of the difficult and often rewarding job a you have as a family caregiver.

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