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Hilton Head Monthly

April 01, 2020

It’s not every day a 90-year-old woman impacts the lives of more than half a million followers. The nonagenarian never meant to be an influencer, but it turned out that Norma Bauerschmidt’s epic journey across the U.S. and her focus on seizing the day resonated with many. 

Aged to Perfection & Old Enough to Know Better

CJSW 90.9 Calgary Public Radio

August 26, 2019

Cathy does a book review with Ramie Liddle, co-writer of Driving Miss Norma, a 90 year old senior who embarks on a road trip with her family instead of taking cancer treatment.

Driving Miss Norma: 3 Life Lessons For Us All

The List TV Show

May 23, 2017

One woman had the journey of a lifetime when she got her last wish to travel around the country at 90 years old. Her family wrote about her travels in a new book Driving Miss Norma and Donna Ruko is talking to them about the lessons we can all learn from Miss Norma.

Driving Miss Norma -- Ramie Liddle

She Explores - Women On The Road Podcast

February 23, 2018

Ramie Liddle has lived on the road on and off since her mid-twenties, but never did she have an adventure like her 14-month journey with Miss Norma, her 90-year-old mother-in-law.

Death by Design Podcast

Driving Miss Norma

January 04, 2018

A Families Journey Saying "YES!" to Living

On The Road: Best Selling Authors Tim Bauerschmidt and Ramie Liddle

Trailblazer Magazine

January 04, 2018

Whether you spend time on the road for pleasure or work, it's nice to have the comforts of home as you travel the highways and byways. TRAILBLAZER checks in with folks who spend a fair amount of time on the road to see just what makes their home away from home. This month we chatted with the authors of the bestselling RV road trip book, Driving Miss Norma, Tim Bauerschmidt and Ramie Liddle.

Good News Network

February 21, 2016

For many years Norma and Leo would listen to Paul Harvey’s “The Rest of the Story” at lunch time in their humble home in northern Michigan—now, she has crafted an ending for the rest of her story…

February 26, 2016

When handed a frightening medical diagnosis, 90-year-old Norma chose to forgo treatment in favor of life on the road.

February 29, 2016

Last year, 90-year-old Norma was told by doctors that she had uterine cancer two days after her husband of 67 years passed away.


But instead of chemo, or radiation, and even surgery, she decided, as the famous poet Robert Frost once wrote, on "The Road Not Taken."

Huffington Post

February 29, 2016

At 90, one woman doesn’t care to see the inside of any more hospitals. She would much rather see the world.

When a cancerous mass was detected on Norma’s uterus the day after her husband of 67 years, Leo, was admitted to hospice, she decided to trek on with her life the best way she knew how — to fully live it.

March 16, 2016

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. --Ninety-year-old Norma Bauerschmidt's story starts with an end-of-life decision.

"They wanted to operate and everything right away. I said, no! We'll just leave it be."

March 17, 2016

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC Who was that tiny lady being driven down Pope Avenue in our parade?

She was just a speck in a sea of green in Hilton Head Island’s 33rd annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Sunday. A sign on the car door read “Driving Miss Norma,” a quizzical thought floating between the beauty queens and 12 marching bands.

But Miss Norma, it turns out, is leading the parade of life.

'Driving Miss Norma' RV tour pauses near Pittsburgh

Norma Bauerschmidt is a most unlikely internet sensation, but that may be one reason she’s so popular. Another reason is, at 91 years old she’s still living — really living. She’s having fun inspiring others around the world to do the same, while also helping them deal with the hard issues of end of life.

July 24, 2016

She’s 91 and enjoying the road trip of a lifetime.

Two days after her husband of 67 years died in July, a woman from Michigan named Norma was diagnosed with uterine cancer. While doctors recommended surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, Norma was having none of it.

August 17, 2016

For the past year, 91-year-old Norma Bauerschmidt has made her home the open road. “Miss Norma,” as she’s known, is traveling across the country with her son, Tim Bauerschmidt and his wife, Ramie Liddle. The trio said that so far the trip has taught them about the importance of having end-of-life conversations with loved ones.

She needed treatment to save her life. Instead, she chose to live it.

The Washington Post

October 04, 2016

In 2015, Norma Bauerschmidt sat in a doctor's office.

Her husband, Leo, had recently died. And Bauerschmidt, of Michigan, was now facing a medical issue of her own; doctors had discovered a large mass, according to a Facebook post. Her daughter-in-law, Ramie Liddle, said in a phone interview that the diagnosis was uterine cancer.

New York Times -- Women of the World

October 04, 2016

The seemingly irrepressible Norma Jean Bauerschmidt, 91 — the much-loved ‘star’ of the Facebook page ‘Driving Miss Norma‘ — has died in bed in her motor home, in the midst of enjoying her life on the road with son Tim and daughter-in-law Ramie.

National Public Radio - All Things Considered

October 07, 2016

Tim Bauerschmidt left home when he was 19. He would call or visit his parents in Michigan occasionally. Decades went by.


After his father died last year, he knew his mother couldn't live by herself. She was 90, and he realized he didn't know her that well.

Auto Week

October 07, 2016

This is the story of Miss Norma Jean Bauerschmidt, of the Greatest Generation, who served her country during WWII as a nurse in the U.S. Navy WAVES, came home from the war and married her husband Leo who had served in the Army Air Corps, settled in Michigan, raised a family and lived a long and happy life, even to the end.

April 27, 2017

Two days after her husband died, in July 2015, Norma Bauerschmidt was told she had endometrial cancer. But the 90-year-old refused to go through chemotherapy. She had a better plan for living.

May 13, 2017

The recommended treatment, Norma Bauerschmidt was told on learning that she had terminal cancer, comprised surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. At the age of 90, and just two days after Leo, her husband of 67 years, had died in the same Michigan hospital, Norma had other ideas.

June 02, 2017

So many firsts came in the final year of Norma Jean Bauerschmidt’s life. At age 90, she got a terminal cancer diagnosis, but instead of opting for treatment, she chose to spend her final year on the road with her son, daughter-in-law, and their poodle. Before long, her adventures went viral and half-a-million people were following along on Facebook. Just before the journey ended and Norma passed away last fall, her story got a book deal. That book is now out, written by Norma’s son and daughter-in-law, Tim Bauerschmidt and Ramie Liddle. It’s called, “Driving Miss Norma: One Family’s Journey Saying ‘Yes’ to Living.”

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