Norma's Wish

We have received hundreds of thousands of messages since we embarked on this journey with Norma. There has been a consistent theme from many followers of our story who begin their correspondence with "I Wish. . ." 

I wish I could have done this with my mom.

I wish my siblings would understand the value of quality of life.

I wish my father had an interest in traveling.

I wish I could be this brave.

I wish . . .

Near the end of Miss Norma's life we asked her how she would like to

be remembered. She simply said she wanted people to say "that she

was a nice person".


We then asked her what we should do when she died, now that 

thousands of people from around the world followed her on Facebook

and cared about her. We wanted to know what she thought the best

way was for everyone to express their condolences.


She looked around and said "Well there certainly isn't much room for a bunch of flowers in here (the motorhome) and you two don't need to mope around."


"I wish people would spread more joy, and maybe do something nice in their community or with their own family, I think that will make the most difference, don't you?"

We have been beautifully overwhelmed by the response to her wish. It would be great to hear about how you might have been inspired by Miss Norma's story. Send us a quick note, won't you?!