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An uplifiting personal story of a year lived like no other... a touching and eloquently argued manifesto for a different kind of care for the elderly, one that embraces joy, life and human connection." 

Jane Warren

Daily Express

Depicting the ageless human capacity to learn and grow, the authors celebrate life and offer a heartfelt vision of what dying a good death really means. An uplifting and life-affirming memoir” 

Kirkus Review


The Guardian

For the first time, as Bauerschmidt writes in this endearing memoir, they got to know one another as adults, and their trip transformed into a warm, thoughtful, and meaningful conversation on family, aging, caretaking, and what happens when you look to other ways to heal besides Western medicine.”

Publishers Weekly

Starred Review

This is a delightful chronicle of a family determined to celebrate life rather than dread death, and everyone can learn from their courage.”


Starred Review

What a legacy Ms. Norma has left us! Too often, when advanced illness strikes, patients and their families feel like powerless spectators. Too often, their wishes are not honored, or even known. Ms. Norma made her wishes known, and they were honored. Each of us deserves such a happy ending.” 

Eric Schneidewind

President of AARP

This life-affirming book is an inspirational account... It's about three people learning to let go of their fears and find love and trust in each other and the world around them." 

Daily Mail

Bravo Norma! I [heart] you!"

Paulo Coelho

Brazilian lyricist

This touching memoir…lays bare the fragile reality of human life, the deep strength of family bonds, and what it means to truly take in all the world has to offer."


This story of a brave woman is truly inspiring. Living the way you want, when it matters most, needs to become the norm at the end of life.” 

Bill Novelli

Co-founder and co-chair of Coalition to Transform Advanced Care and Professor, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University

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Liddle mines the depths of their ever-shifting emotions, becoming the guiding light for our own feelings about this stage of life for Norma. And all the time, Norma is the sparkling life of these pages, which transforms those who ride along."

 Rory L. Aronsky

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What People are Saying about the Book

As a hospice nurse myself I wish more of my patients were given this opportunity to "live" before they die. -Julie

This book does prove that there can be joy and happiness as our life on earth comes to a close. -Ruth

As I read Gawande's book and this one, I wish I had read them both before my parents were facing death. I wonder how I could have changed my interaction with them and perhaps helped them have some joy or another laugh before taking their last breath? -RK

Norma, her son and her daughter-in-law learned to confront the hard questions about the end of life and answered them in time...a very difficult thing to do.

My New Favorite Book -- Inspiring, deep, well-written, and frequently  touching - Karen

At once uplifting, reassuring, paradigm-shifting, and sweet, this book manages to climb into your heart and stay there. - Patti

 I appreciated Tim and Ramie being so open and honest about the triumphs and challenges in family caregiving.-Joy

This is a wonderful book and I tried to read it slowly to make it last longer. It changed my life! -Shirley

This is going on my "must read" list for friends and family at the beginning of their caregiving time for their parents. -Robin

Never dreamed a book about someone dying could be so uplifting, however this was a book about someone LIVING! -Marcia

This was the best book I purchased all year. Scratch that, this was the best 10 books I purchased all year. I bought one for myself and 9 extra to share. -Susan

This book was uplifting, thought provoking and heartbreaking . . . It's a book about promoting and supporting choice. It opens critical conversations.

In the midst of these trying times, this book restored my faith in humanity and had me either laughing or crying the entire time I was reading it.-Cindy

A must read for caregivers and those who need care -Len

I recently finished reading your book and I must say, it has been a highlight in my reading history.

If you do nothing else today. 

Get this book. If you possess any compassion in your body whatsoever it will change your outlook on life.


Miss Norma's "Yes" to life regardless of the time left is a reminder to me to live the best life I can every day.

It changed my life! As an older woman with some health issues I decided to make some changes in my life. - Shirley

Hers is a legacy I want everyone to experience and be inspired to emulate. -David

Driving Miss Norma has so many levels.....deep, light hearted, loving, caring, honest, but most of all truly special. -Janine

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