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Key Lime Pie Research Project

The moment we entered Florida it began. We learned the Norma had never had a chance to try key lime pie. We made every effort to make sure she knew what she was missing. 

The first opportunity came frozen on a stick dipped in chocolate. It was served from an Airstream food cart in Seaside, Florida. Are you kidding me?! We weren't sure that was the best way to jump into this project but jump in we did. It was amazing and Norma was hooked!

Blah, blah...

Tim's ice cream recipe!


RV Lifestyle - there are hundreds of blogs, Facebook pages and websites of the nuts and bolts of the RV lifestyle. Downsizing, choosing your rig, choosing how and where you travel, etc. If you are interested seek them out. You will learn way more than we are able to share here.

National Parks

Miss Norma visited 15 national Parks in her last year of life.


Gazing over the vastness of the Grand Canyon, Taking a boat ride on Jenny Lake in the Grand Tetons and Watching Ol' Faithful erupt in Yellowstone were certainly highlights Not to be missed!

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